Production Capacity

Optimum Sun have advanced automatic production line opened a new era for capacity, and achieve the transition from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing.

Solar Panel Production Line

We have full production line which can make OEM to frame brand solar panel and can reach to 2GW 1. Automatic Manufacturing
2. Compatible with multi-busbar cells of various sizes from 166 to 210 mm
3. Have HJT, TOPCon, and BIPV production lines
4. Industry's most advanced EL testing equipment.
5. Warranty Management (12years warranty times)
6. ATW Automatic Welding Machine
7.Automatic Laminator
8. EL Detector
9. Breakdown Voltage Test
10. Flash Testing
Advanced production line to make the solar panel in 12 years warranty times and more than 25 years service life

Solar Mounting System Production Line

Our company has rich experience in the aluminium industry. Our main products include aluminium extrusion profiles, solar panel supporting systems.Our main surface treatment: milling, anodizing, powder coating, electrophoresis and wood graining.Besides, we can supply Auto CAD drawing, package designing and aluminium profile deep processing services which including 1. Ingot melting
2. Extrusion machine
3. Anodizing production line
4. cutting, stamping etc...
With the advanced equipment to strictly control product quality, That's why we guarrantee our product as 12 Years Warranty and 25 Years life time for customer
Solar Power System Production Line In order to fit customer requirement, we can design and will prepare to produce different kind of system such as hybrid solar system , solar storage system 1. Solar Inverter and Hybrid solar inverter production line
2. Controller including MPTT and PWM type
3. Lithium battery can be make in 12V,24V or 48V
4. All Machine is fast speed and strong stability can improve the first time pass rate of subsequent test links.
5. Production data can be saved automatically and connected with the server.
6. CCD positioning technology realizes the positioning accuracy during production at different stations.
Solar Home Kit Production Line Optimum Sun design and manufacture different solar household appliances with safety and power saving, providing your family a comfortable and eco-friendly environment. 1. Solar Air Conditioner which including ACDC and DC48V 100%
2. Solar Water Heater System
3. Solar Attic Fan
4. Assembly line
5. Test Line
6. Package line
We will do best to more easy, eco-friendly, saftely goods to help customer to save money