Negotiation On Solar Air Conditioner Between Agent in Morocco

Negotiation On Solar Air Conditioner Between Agent in Morocco
With the development of solar new energy, more and more household appliances start to use solar energy, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also saves electricity and money, like solar fans, solar water heaters, and solar air conditioners.
Morocco belongs to the African region, the weather is hot, lack of electricity power, our Moroccan agent found a business opportunity, and visited our company, signed an agency agreement and also check the whole production line 
Moroccan agent came to our factory and found that Optimum sun are a very comprehensive company. Also has a complete set of production lines and provides customers with a complete set of solutions and solar products.
First visited the sample room of our air conditioner and learned about the difference between grid-connected air conditioners and off-grid air conditioners and check the different
Then with our boss and engineer to check all goods production line and chek the production process, so that they can know if our production line can reach their requirement and order 
On grid and off grid solar production line 
Solar Mounting System production line 
Solar Panel Production Line 
After inspecting samples and production lines, we signed agency agreements with Morocco customers, and signed sample contracts and batch contracts
As their more professioanl in Morocco market and we are more professioanl in produce and design that is a win-win solution and business 
If you want to become our agent in your country, pls contact us without hesitate 
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