Balcony solar power system

Balcony solar power system 


Our new balcony solar power system are ready-to-use solar systems for private applications on balcony, terrace or for outdoor installation. They generate grid-compliant alternating current with 230V /50Hz, which is fed directly into the existing grid of your house.


This allows you to significantly reduce the energy purchase from your network operator. In contrast to the well-known method of installing many modules on roof surfaces and connecting them via a separate meter, our solar micro system are connected to the house network directly via the power outlet. This means there is only a small installation effort.


Our Balcony solar power system consist of one or two standard solar modules (Monocrystalline solar panel,Polycrystalline solar panel, Color solar panel, Transparency solar panel,Full black solar panel )



A high-quality solar micro inverter according to VDE AR-N 4105 or CE, which converts the solar power into gridcompliant alternating current, and a connection cable for connection to the final circuit.



On request, we can also supply you with a standard-compliant power feed socket (optionally a junction box) according to DIN VDE V 0628-1 as well as weatherresistant connection cables in your desired length.


Balcony solar mounting system which can be adjustable or not 

For technically interested customers we also provide a communication gateway with which you can monitor your home system at any time and trace the results in a visualised form. With a set from our Home series, you produce your own solar power, reduce the consumption from your energy supplier and also save about 0.5 kg CO2 per kilowatt hour of self-generated


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