Optimum Sun PV Solar Fence

What Are Solar Panel Fences?

Solar panel fences are a paticular type of dual-purpose solar power system. They enclose properties and buildings and produce solar power at the same time. They can be used in private homes, as well as around commercial or industrial properties and agricultural businesses. 

When installing a solar panel fence, PV modules are mounted vertically on special brackets and connected together to form a wall. Like other PV systems, they then collect sunlight and turn it into electricity.


Solar Panel Fences – Are They Worth It?

With solar panels becoming more and more affordable, an increasing number of individuals are considering utilizing them as a permanent fence. Combining solar power production with property fencing not only provides numerous aesthetic possibilities. It also also opens up a new perspective for the use of solar power.

When installing a solar panel fence, PV modules are mounted vertically on special brackets and connected together to form a wall. Like other PV systems, they then collect sunlight and turn it into electricity.

Fences are crucial for private, commercial and industrial land, as well as agricultural land used for livestock farming. So take advantage of the potential of bifacial glass-glass PV modules in combination with our fence system. Let your fence become an electricity supplier! 


What can be chose of Solar Fence with RAL color solar panel 

There are different frame and foundation and solar panel (RAL ) options using a modular system available for use in the different areas of application:

the premium version, developed especially for the end customer segment and prestigious buildings, includes a visually very appealing and high-end square version available in every single RAL colour and RAL colour solar panel . The most commonly used colour is probably anthracite. Design plays a key role in this version of the fence.


Advantages of Solar Panel Fences

Multiple purposes


No extra space required

Sunlight exposure from both sides


Can be combined with electric fences

Aesthetic design


Like solar canopies or solar carport solutions, solar panel fences have the advantage that no additional space is needed. They only occupy the area that would have been needed for the fence in the first place. Thus, it is is a space-saving method to produce solar power. Another distinct advantage is that they serve multiple purposes other than generating electricity.

Solar fences can be used in private gardens or businesses to demarcate the property. Furthermore, they can serve as noise barrier on highways or as power generator for an attached electric fence.


Applications for Solar Fences

Residential garden fences

Property fencing

Noise barriers

Privacy screens


Livestock farming (poultry fence, dog fence, etc.)

Combined with electric fence

Similar to solar canopies and building integrated photovoltaics, solar fences are versatile in use and can serve multiple purposes. Therefore, there are a variety of scenarios that a solar fence solution can be used for.

Residential fences are a great choice for homeowners who want to maximize solar power production or can’t install a rooftop system. Furthermore, solar panels can be integrated with noise barriers to produce power from highways, reducing their carbon footprint. PV fencing solutions are also an interesting option for commercial applications especially agricultural businesses.


Aesthetic Solar Panel Fencing With Color Solar Panel or Transparency Solar Panel

Due to it’s aesthetic properties, Thin film solar panel or Color solar panel or Transparency solar panel is a particularly suitable material for solar fencing solutions. It allows for customized logos or paintings or transparency to be imprinted on the PV modules without significant loss of efficiency. Businesses can use PV fences to demarcate their premises and put their logo or other forms of advertisement on it.

Thanks to thin film technology or color solar panel or transparency solar panel , PV modules can be designed with custom optics and drawings and shape. Thus, solar glass fences can also serve as an aesthetic improvement to it’s surroundings and increase property value this way.

Our solution provides a visually very appealing and high-quality version specifically developed for public and corporate buildings. There is also a simpler version, designed for assembly and material efficiency. For the foundation, both a masonry installation and a pile-driven foundation are possible. Fence posts and fence gates are integrated in the solution.