Hybrid On Solar Power System

Hybrid On Solar Power System

Hybrid solar systems combine the best of grid-tied and off-grid solar systems. It is basically grid-tied solar with the addition of battery storage.

While choosing a solar system for home, institute, business or industry, people often choose either an on grid solar system or an off grid solar system. But now one more option is available in the market and that is “Hybrid Solar System”. This system is a combination of on grid solar system and off grid solar system. It has battery backup in it to store power and it also have the ability to feed surplus electricity into main grid.

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Hybrid Solar Power System

Hybrid solar PV systems are a mix of on-grid and off-grid solar power systems, i.e., grid-tied solar system with battery storage. With hybrid solar, you get an upgraded source of power generation that combines the best features of on-grid and off-grid solar systems.


How Does A Hybrid Solar System Work?

Just like any solar panel system, this system lets you draw energy from the sunlight during the day. The difference is that any excess energy that your solar system produces would charge the batteries connected to the unit. After the battery is charged, any excess continues to go back to the grid at your current feed-in-tariff rate.Once the sun goes down, your home or business will use the battery as your electricity source rather than drawing from the grid. If your property draws more electricity than the stored amount in your battery, you can still pull electricity from your connected grid as well, until your system starts producing electricity again.The result is a reliable, constant electricity supply at a fraction of the cost of regular from-the-grid electricity.



Advantages of hybrid solar power system 

Reduced grid dependency

Hybrid inverters come with backup power capacity thus providing uninterrupted power under any circumstances. It allows consumers to consume power from grid, battery or solar.

It can be used as an off-grid solar energy system in case of power failure.

Can retrieve stored energy during cloudy weather or peak evening time (when tariff rates are high) thus saving the electricity bills


Disadvantages of hybrid solar power system 

Higher and complex installation cost

Increase maintenance costs due to periodical replacement of batteries.

Backup power build only for running critical loads, support is not provided to all the appliances.


What are the Components of a Hybrid Solar System?


Solar Panels

Solar panels are comprised of solar cells that convert sunlight into electricity, mono, poly or thin film solar panel which all fine


Hybrid Solar Inverter 

It is the second important component in a solar system. The hybrid inverter regulates the voltage and converts DC to AC voltage which can be later used to power household appliances. 


Solar Battery

Hybrid Solar batteries are used for storing excess power generated by a solar system, and can be used when required, especially during emergencies. (lithium battery will be better)


Racking & Mounting

These are the framework equipment’s that are needed to install a solar panel. Mounting is to keep the panels tilted based on season, latitude and time of day to grab the maximum benefit of the solar energy.


Benefits of Hybrid Solar vs Grid-tied Solar


A hybrid system means less reliance on the grid, a solar battery is used as a back up when solar power or grid power is not available.

Batteries allow you to consume almost all the energy you generate. Rather than sending power back to the grid for minimal return, you can store the power and have it available to use whenever you need.

Smart inverters let you take advantage of changes in the utility electricity rates throughout the day so you can temporarily store excess energy and put it back into the utility grid when you are paid the most for every kWh.

A grid-tied system does not function during power outages but a hybrid system can keep operating.


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