525~550W 182mm solar cell 144pcs mono solar panel

525~550W 182mm solar cell 144pcs mono solar panel

Mono Solar Panel with 12 year product warranty, 25 year linear power warranty, Higher output power,Lower LCOE, Less shading and less resistance loss and better mechanical load tolerance

Optimum Sun 525~550 watt monocrystalline solar panel delivers high power output and performance. This solar panel is made up of 144 monocrystalline half-cells on a white backsheet with a silver anodized aluminum alloy frame. Have certified of CE/IEC/TUV/ROSH/CSA/ INMETRO ect to fit all maket 

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525~550W 182mm solar cell 144pcs mono solar panel 


Equipped with 10BB /11BB Perc cells, the module's half-cell configuration offers the advantages of higher power output, better temperature-dependent performance, less shading effect on power generation, lower risk of hotspot, and better tolerance to mechanical stress.


PERC 182mm Solar Cell with Solar Panel's efficiency up to 21.47%

182mm solar panel use 182mm 10BB/11BB solar cell, increases the wafer size. optimizes the layout profoundly and decreases the invalid power generation area.


Half Cell Technology

The half-cut cell design can decrease the power loss by theshadow effectively. The optimized circuit design not onlyrealizes the maximum power output but also assures thereliability of solar panels.


MBB Technology

182mm Solar Panel adopts multi-busbartechnology.More busbars of the cell decrease the currenttransverse propagation path by 50% effectively reduce theinternal loss, and improve power of solar panels.


Standard & All Black Solar Panelsmax power breaks through 600W+

108/120/132/144/156 Cells Solar Panels

All Black Solar Panel for home use

380W-600W+ Solar Panel, Suitable for all scenarios, from large power stations toresidential roofs


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Why Chose Optimum Sun 

1. Top quality with competitive price - We have complete production line to control the cost and quality 

2. Warranty time- Offer customer more than 12 years warranty time, 30 years service life 

3. Customer design- Customer size, color, thickness and transparency 

4. Certificate- CQC, CE, ICE, TUV , UL ,ROSH  

5. Fast delivery - Have more than 3 prodution line can finished order fast time 


Complete production line



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